Moving Up In Life

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I Love Weekends

Lately my weekends have been occupied by a number of home reno tasks or volunteering activities. Last weekend was a write-off, I was too upset about was happening at work to do anything. I got a lot of sleep; maybe I needed it. I was not going to waste this weekend though. I had some chores to do around the house. Friday my little may, came down with a cold. Not too bad, but he just wants to stay around the house and relax. Just like me. Yesterday, we did a couple of errands and then spend the day on the couch watching cartoons, mostly Scooby Doo. Today will be more of the same. Usually he is full on energy and mischief, but with this cold he is a little more manageable. And his voice sounds so cute and those rosy little cheeks are too much!

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