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Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Hotmail!

Years ago I was reading a Wired article about Sabeer Bhatia, the founder of Hotmail.¬† It was recounting the¬†moment when he had the idea about a free web-based email service.  I was struck by the article and wondered it I would ever have one of these life changing ideas.  In conversation I have jokingly referred to this as my Hotmail.  Oh can I use the Hotmail name like that?  Have the Microsoft lawyers already started the cease and desist order already?  Well today I think I had it.  It may not be life altering.  It may not make me a millionaire.  But I cannot ignore it.  How would I feel in five years if I did not follow thorough with this?

I am going to need a couple of days to formulate my thoughts on this and see where it goes.  In the Wired article, Sabeer was so worried about someone stealing his idea that he would not talk about it on his cell phone.  Funny that is how I feel.  I am sitting here with this idea but afraid to discuss it until I am ready to proceed.

Stay tuned.

Thursday -- not a great day

It was one of those days, nothing bad but it sure felt like I was not getting anything done. Now I just know that tomorrow I am going to be in catch-up mode all day. Maybe I should go into the office early and get something done before anyone else gets in. I like being in early when it is good and quiet. I also like staying late but lately I just haven't had the energy to stay and focus.

At least tomorow is a new starting.

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