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Monday, October 24, 2005

Getting Back On Track

A few years ago, 1999, okay so half a decade ago I went to a Franklin-Covey time management course.  Basically they gave you a slick little day planner and then proceeded to teach you the motions of using it.  It was actually quite informative.  I faithfully used the day planner for a couple of years.  It was a good tool for keeping on top of things and making sure that I was getting things done.

Then the Palm craze took off and I had to get one.  I used it for a while, but I just found it too slow to sync with my PC.  So eventually I stopped using it.  Lately things have been piling up and I have been letting important things slip through the cracks.

So in an effort to get back on track, I went back to the structured day planner.  I stumbled across a excellent web site, D*I*Y Planner, that has all kinds of templates to print out.  Besides the standard calendars they are a number of forms for goal planning, tracking “to do” lists and organizing projects.  Check it out it is a great resource!


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